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SpotTrade( Reviews-SCAM

Attention! The company is suspected of fraud


General information

The broker’s website is a landing page with a form for entering a promo code. Where to get it to register and enter the platform, we do not know. Information about trading conditions and legal documents is not available for unregistered users. The only thing that SpotTrade took care of was several channels for communication with support, so that everyone could ask questions of interest to project managers. You can use:

  • email;
  • phone number (Whatsapp);
  • online chat.

There is no registration and licensing information for SpotTrade on the platform. The broker’s site is only in English, there are no other translation options. You need to individually contact the employees of the brokerage organization and check whether it legally provides services or not.

Summing up

There is not enough information about SpotTrade to draw conclusions whether it is a good or bad broker. We also couldn’t find real customer reviews. If you have worked with a company and want to share your experience, please post reviews. Use the special form under our review for this.


  1. OH! they are very fine scammer, they are imposters who are using other people’s identity to fool you and to gain your trust in the beginning .I lost more than 10000 USD plus my time and now I am very depressed .They play with your emotions and pretend to be your friend and lure as much money as they can ,until you feel like enough is enough now.I was very suspicious about them even initially but they have answer for your every question and also they have fake documentations to fool you.PLEASE don’t fall in there trap .
    They are very bad people,I just want people to be aware ,that is why I am sharing my experience

  2. I was scammed by spottrade like many people who describe their story below. After 6 months of silence they call me back to ask for more money in order for me to get my money out, which I was smart enough not to loose. ( At some point I refused to follow their leads.) I have suspicion that they give those loosing recommendations, so that you loose money to them. I mean I suspect that these deals never go on the real market. Whatever you loose goes to their packet. I am planning to take legal action soon.

  3. I’m glad that I didn’t lose as much as others, but I still feel sorry for $3000. Don’t trust them. When you try to withdraw money, they send you an email that the transaction will take 48 hours, give their phone number and email address there, but there is no way to get an answer.

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