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Vortex( Reviews-SCAM

Attention! The company is suspected of fraud


  • Site:;
  • Pages in social networks: TWITTER, Discord.

General information

Vortex positions itself as a decentralized derivatives exchange on the Cosmos network, where there are many opportunities for earning (cross-marginalization, cross-collateralization, loan lending, etc.). There is no information on the project launch date, roadmap, or names of top managers on the platform. Answers to some questions can be found in the FAQ or you need to seek advice from the company’s employees. To communicate with managers, there are only pages on social networks (TWITTER, Discord).

We did not find documents on the Vortex exchange confirming the legality of the work and the approval of regulators. It is unclear on what basis traders register on this platform and invest funds.

How does Vortex offer to earn money?

Vortex promises a new generation of trading, completely decentralized. There is little specificity on the platform regarding the terms of cooperation (even the size of the minimum deposit is not indicated). Commercial offer:

  • perpetual futures. The company promises deep liquidity for perpetual futures with flexible leverage up to 1:10;
  • decentralized Orderbook. The platform is based on the Sei blockchain, Orderbook. Users will be able to enjoy all the benefits of DeFi trading;
  • intercollateral. To save swap fees, the company’s clients can give a few tokens as collateral;
  • IBC compatibility.

Summing up

Vortex offers a decentralized trading experience. There are opportunities for both active and passive income on this DEX platform. We didn’t find any reviews for Vortex, so it’s hard to rate this company. What do you think, is it possible to register on this platform or is it better to look for another cryptocurrency exchange? To share your personal experience, post reviews under our article.

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