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Apicem Consulting LTD: reviews

Attention! The company is suspected of fraud


  • Site:;
  • Feedback form;
  • Email: [email protected];
  • Office location: UK.

General information

Apicem Consulting LTD talks about safe and profitable trading of a wide range of assets (Forex base currencies, cryptocurrencies, commodities, indices, metals, CFDs). There is no demo account on the platform for risk-free training. The minimum deposit to start trading is $50, there is flexible leverage from 1:100 to 1:500, profit commission – 12%, floating spreads. Additionally, the platform provides bonus rewards of up to $600, as well as 2 months of commission-free trading in stocks and currency pairs.

There is no road map or information about the project management at the site. Thanks to a specialized whois service, we found out that has existed since July 2023. This is a new broker, but reviews about it have already appeared. Feedback is negative.

According to legend, Apicem Consulting LTD is officially registered in the UK. The website contains screenshots of the certificate of incorporation and license. A check of the documents showed that they were real.

However, we found out that the real company has another website – This organization has nothing to do with the hero of our review.

Let’s sum it up

The fake Apicem Consulting LTD does not comply with international laws. The company has no legal basis for its activities or access to financial markets. This “broker” can only create the illusion of trading activity and steal people’s funds. If you have collaborated with Apicem Consulting LTD, please post reviews and share your personal opinion. This will help others make reasoned conclusions.

Apicem Consulting LTD operates illegally! When I started having financial problems with this company, I immediately turned to regulators for help. There I learned that I had been deceived by anonymous scammers.

If you receive calls or letters from this company, I do not recommend contacting Apicem Consulting LTD. First, the broker promises colossal earnings, and then refuses to fulfill its agreements. I still can’t get a penny back.

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