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GooeyTrade: reviews

Attention! The company is suspected of fraud


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General information

According to legend, GooeyTrade provides platform administration services
for DxTrade (with Tradingview charts), cTrader and MatchTrader. It is known that the company cooperates with various prop companies. The company talks about many years of experience, but does not indicate any specifics regarding when it began providing services. A check using the specialized whois service showed that was registered in July 2023.

GooeyTrade does not offer ready-made tariff plans, but says that users can open an unlimited number of accounts. This includes real-time platform integration, one-click trading, and a user interface designed to meet the needs of modern traders. Details of the commercial offer can only be found out from the project managers.

GooeyTrade does not provide scanned copies of the certificate of incorporation and license. There is no confirmation of the legal basis for the activity. However, the platform lists an office address in the United States. In this jurisdiction, the company had to register first. The audit showed that GooeyTrade is not among the SEC licensees. This is a fake organization that you cannot start trading with.

Let’s sum it up

Trading on the GooeyTrade platform is a big risk. This company pursues selfish goals and is not interested in the fate of traders. When the broker loses interest in the user, it will immediately stop communicating. What do you think about this company? Post reviews and tell us how trading on the platform turned out.

GooeyTrade does not fulfill the agreements. This company promised to help me trade in the financial markets, but in the end they only gave me false recommendations. The company stole $3,000 from me.

Don’t trust GooeyTrade! This is a scam project!

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