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OptimalStocksPro( Reviews-SCAM

Attention! The company is suspected of fraud


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Key facts about the broker

Optimal Stocks Pro has closed its website from public access. You will be able to view information about the company only if you have a promo code. The broker does not tell users where to get this password.

There are still few reviews about Optimal Stocks Pro, but from them we managed to find out some information about this company. Traders say that the authors of this project also have a website (this is exactly the same non-informative landing page). People complain that they lost large sums of money here due to financial fraud.

Terms of cooperation

Optimal Stocks Pro does not say how long it has been active in the financial markets, but we managed to find out from whois that the site was launched in 2020. However, it used to belong to another company that specialized in investments (in particular, it specialized in Forex trading, cryptocurrencies). There were several investment programs on the platform (the minimum deposit was $150).

Now Optimal Stocks Pro hides the terms of cooperation, you can find out all the information only after opening an account on the platform. To do this, users must provide personal data. This is dangerous because the company has no legal basis for its activities (no license, no certificate of incorporation). As a result of cooperation, you risk:

  • be left without money;
  • lose access to Internet banking;
  • become a victim of spammers. They will receive your contact details and will bother you with annoying calls every day.

Summing up

Optimal Stocks Pro hides information about itself, you must have a promo code to enter the site. There are still few reviews about the broker, so it is very difficult to make final conclusions about it. Should you trust this company or not? Post reviews and tell us what you think.


  1. OptimalStocksPro is a big scam, they are not going to pay your profits, all they want is your money, after I tried to withdraw, they declined it and said I should pay a fee which I did pay and still got nothing transferred to me, I knew I was scammed so I reported to the authorities immediately, and my case was handled by Margaret, she guided me through the process and within a few days I got my money transferred back to my bank account,
    If you want to contact Margaret, here’s her email: margaretsmithbeth @ gmail com, try to withdraw your money now this broker is a scam

  2. They took advantage of my trust and stole my savings, please don’t repeat my mistake, and do not trust these scammers.

  3. I also invested money here and could not take a single penny from the platform. The scammers took advantage of my lack of investment experience. Dear friends, please don’t register here.

  4. These scammers should be in prison! They stole all my savings, so I do not recommend working with Optimal Stocks Pro. Danger Warning!

  5. Nothing good. Collaboration with Optimal Stocks Pro is a complete failure. Rogues individually deceive each client. I left over $3,000 on this platform. Do not repeat my mistakes, it will cost you dearly.

  6. Watch out! This is a scam company that only aims to deceive. It is better to look for another financial partner.

  7. I believed that Optimal Stocks Pro is a good financial partner. Registered on this platform 2 weeks ago. Now I realized that the company is not going to pay profit. I got robbed!!!

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