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AiTAEX: reviews-scam

Attention! The company is suspected of fraud


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  • Office location: London, United Kingdom.

General information

AiTAEX positions itself as a cryptocurrency exchange that operates on the basis of AI. According to the legend, this company has been providing services for more than 6 years. There is no detailed description of tariff plans on the platform; even the size of the minimum deposit is not indicated. But it is known that the crypto exchange offers multi-level protection against risks, advanced technologies for analysis and monitoring of the cryptocurrency market, and trading using the AI Grid Trading Bot.

A check using the specialized whois service showed that the AiTAEX website was in fact registered in July 2023. This is a new project, so reviews about it have appeared recently.

AiTAEX: reviews-scam реальные отзывы

The “Client Agreement” contains information that AiTAEX is registered in the UK as AIXtreme. We found such an organization in Companies House, but it is not related to cryptocurrency trading. 

AiTAEX: reviews-scam обзор

AiTAEX is not on the list of licensees either. The company operates illegally and cannot provide guarantees of earnings or withdrawal of profits.

AiTAEX: reviews-scam

Let’s sum it up

AiTAEX is a fraudulent crypto exchange that focuses on deceiving users. You could lose tens of thousands of dollars on this platform and be left without legal protection. Regulators cannot help resolve conflicts with anonymous scammers. Write your opinion in the review or share your experience of cooperation with AiTAEX.

I registered on the AiTAEX platform a week ago and have already lost almost $2,000 here. The company deliberately engineered a technical glitch and deprived me of all money. What should I do now?

My parents became victims of these scammers. They didn’t even have time to start trading on the platform. After replenishing their account on the AiTAEX website, their account was immediately blocked. The scammers accused them of violating the agreements and terminated the contract unilaterally.


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