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Host Cryp: reviews-scam

Attention! The company is suspected of fraud


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General information

Host Cryp positions itself as a cryptocurrency exchange that focuses on reliability and security. There are 150 digital assets available for trading on the platform, there is a leverage up to 1:10, as well as opportunities for passive income (minimum deposit – $ 1, profitability – up to 10%). According to legend, more than 130,000 traders entrusted their funds to this company, the daily trading turnover is about 3 million dollars daily.

Presentation material on the platform is limited, most of the information is available only to authorized users. Thanks to the check on the specialized whois service, we found out the real work experience of HOSTCRYP.COM. The cryptocurrency exchange has been operating since May 2023, so the reviews of real users about it have just appeared.

Host Cryp: reviews-scam реальные отзывы

There is no legal information on the platform. Host Cryp does not even disclose the registration address, so that you can be sure of its reliability and honesty. In the reviews, traders write that the company does not fulfill the agreements and steals other people’s money. The exchange promotes the offer through an affiliate program.

Summing up

Host Cryp is a suspicious cryptocurrency exchange. Reviews about it have just appeared, and users call the platform fraudulent. The company provides services without complying with international law. We are sure that it is dangerous to mess with it. What do you think? Post reviews below our article to share your opinion with other traders. It’s time to raise the curtain!

There is no doubt in my mind that Host Cryp is a fraudulent company. I topped up my account here for $1,000 and after 2 days I could not log into my personal account. Support does not get in touch!

Host Cryp uses various scam methods, but the result is the same – loss of funds. Given that cryptocurrency transactions are anonymous and irreversible, even the initial investment cannot be returned. Be careful and don’t repeat my mistakes.


  1. My experience here was a very terrible one. After I had made my second deposit I was blocked out. Nothing I did worked. I was so much frustrated and giving up on my money and it was Market peace net that came to my rescue and helped me out with the issue you can search then google. I would have been in a big mess I have mr Jeff personal email address ( jeffsilbert 39 g mail com ) personal email I would wish to recommend them to anyone in help of recovery his or her Funds jeff saves me and I believe he can also save other who have ran into loss.

  2. After being in depression for so long trying to recover my lost funds to IQ option scam, I searched on different forums to read other victims stories and luckily one day i read a story about Johnson Oliver the read on how some victims got their money back.This recovery expert out there legit and not all these fake recovery company lying just to scam people the more. I contacted him on his personal Gmail {[email protected] } And i surprised by his timely response and the way he handle the recovery process after providing evidence to back up my claim. long story short. i got my $40400 back from Tor options. To everyone out there, this is real.. Give him a try

  3. Very interesting way they work, I transferred their BNB and BTC and sold it with around 10% margin, then I wired USDT to my account by Binance. The operations was not big 200 usdt. Then I made it again and by 3rd time I was requested to send from receiving wallet the 250 usdt, and until not fulfilled my account will be frozen, then the story become funny, because when I send the 250 plus fees from network it was credited less and I got information from support that I must wire exactly 250 and my account will be free to operate and frozen status disappear. After 3 times and many of communication with support team I got it fixed but arrived around 1.900 usdt at the account and then I got message that I need to register the premium account, everything what is over 1.200 usdt must be registered as premium account. Fir that I need to wire 500 usdt and then I ask to show me that regulation and I wrote that o want to terminate and close the account and send them the information about UK law regulation and FCA UK regulations and ask them for the licence and explained my rights as customer. After long break they blocked my and stole my assets and wrote that blocking is based on my violence activities. No response to e-Mails. Can recommend only one, don’t put anything to them and try to block them everywhere.

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