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MetaWhiteWhale reviews

Attention! The company is suspected of fraud


  • Site:;
  • Email: accounts@;
  • Office location: Hong Kong.

General information

MetaWhiteWhale is a one-page website with a form for entering a promotional code. The company hides information from unauthorized users. However, from reviews of real users we were able to find out information about the broker. The main features of the commercial offer: the minimum deposit is determined individually, there are opportunities for trading with leverage, a training program, low commissions, a modern platform for analysis and making reasoned decisions. The list of assets includes currency pairs, CFDs and metals.

The platform does not have a roadmap or launch date for the project. A check using the specialized whois service showed that the MetaWhiteWhale website was registered at the end of 2021. However, the web archive contains the first information only for 2024. This indicates that the company is new, the offer has only recently begun to be promoted.

Based on feedback, MetaWhiteWhale provides information about regulation in Hong Kong. We checked the SFC register, the company from our review is not there. This is a scammer who provides services illegally.

Let’s sum it up

We do not recommend registering on the MetaWhiteWhale platform. This is a fraudulent broker who fills his own pocket at someone else’s expense. If you register on this site, you may be left without all your savings.

MetaWhiteWhale is a financial dump. You can’t make money here! The broker imitates profitable transactions, but in fact immediately steals money. If I had known that this company treated traders so shamelessly, I would never have registered here.

Friends, I do not recommend trading on the MetaWhiteWhale platform. This company does not comply with the agreement and is not financially responsible. Be careful!

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