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Prime Elements Limited reviews

Attention! The company is suspected of fraud


  • Site:;
  • Email: [email protected];
  • Phone: +442038077347;
  • Office location: London (UK).

General information

Prime Elements Limited positions itself as a well-known broker from the UK, which has received a lot of prestigious awards. According to legend, the platform offers several tariffs with a minimum deposit from 5,000 to 30,000 euros. The company offers transactions using a wide range of assets (the list includes Forex base currencies, cryptocurrencies, stocks and energy resources). Replenishment of balance and withdrawal of profit in cryptocurrencies. Financial transactions are operational, but remember that such transactions are irreversible and anonymous. Detailed information about trading conditions must be obtained individually.

The company claims to be recognized as the “Most Trusted Broker of 2023.” There is information on the platform that 50M+ traders cooperate with it. However, in fact, the first reviews about the platform were published recently. This indicates that the company lied about the length of service. Thanks to the specialized whois service, we found out that the brokerage organization has been providing services since the end of February 2024.

Prime Elements Limited does not provide scanned copies of legal documents confirming the legal provision of brokerage services. However, the website contains the UK registration certificate number and the address of the representative office in London.

We found such a company in the Companies House registry. It was registered in 2010. At this time, the fake Prime Elements Limited did not yet exist.

Also note that to legally provide services, an organization must not only register, but also obtain a license. Prime Elements Limited is not among the companies that have received FCA approval.

Let’s sum it up

Prime Elements Limited is a fraudulent broker providing services illegally. This company can only create the illusion of deals. It will not pay profit, even if your trades are profitable. Be careful! We recommend looking for another broker.

These scammers stole almost $2,000 from my wallet. They deliberately set up a technical glitch. I filed a claim, but was unable to recover the stolen money. The company completely relieved itself of financial responsibility.

I do not recommend trading on the Prime Elements Limited platform. The employees of this company give false recommendations. I lost all my money because of them. I cannot contact the chargeback service because I topped up my balance in cryptocurrency.

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